September 29, 2015  by sradmin

Come in for a massage!

Hello everyone! For my first blog post I want to talk about the benefits of massage, and how it can help you. Do you have stress, anxiety, muscle pain, and or tension? There are many options to get you feeling new again. Here are some of the solutions I offer:

  1. Swedish or relaxation massage can help lower stress levels and anxiety, which in turn will help improve your quality of life. Think of this as a short vacation from your week.
  2. Deep tissue massage can also help lower stress levels. However it also helps work out muscle and joint pain, while targeting the deeper tissues of the body!
  3. Sports massage is a lot like swedish and or deep tissue, but with a specific target injury in mind.
  4. Hot Stone massage is the use of river rocks heated to a specific temperature. After they are up to temperature, the stones are used as a tool to press into the body to help work deeper tissue with less discomfort.

I hope this has been informative! If you share this blog post to your social media page and bring proof upon booking your appointment you will get
$10.00 off your massage!

To book, call or text 937-564-2707, or use the website to schedule!

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  1. Robin Cummings

    Pathway to Tranquility has improved my Quality of life. My first appointment was June 15th. Once a month became twice a month. Nathan has been so beneficial to my overall health and well-being that I now book every other week a month in advance. Thank you, Nathan Bettker. You provide a much-needed service. Namaste.